Return to sender.....

I keep hearing that song in my head, "Return to sender"when I heard the tales of daddies day with the girls.....Apparently daddy had a bit of a rough day with girls and on "Daddy's Day"! I'm only sorry I did not get to witness it. *snicker* He said they were terrible. All day. Whining, whining, and more whining. If one climbed up in his lap the other would get upset and start screaming. Abbey even bounced Katie off his lap a couple of times! She's a little bruiser. He had had it by the time I got home. He swore he was sending them back.... ha ha. Of course he was only kidding. I'm guessing daddy needed something to entertain the little chicklett's so he

gave them mommies address labels.

The babies and I played on the deck for an hour and then I gave them a bath and put them to bed while daddy mowed the lawn. I think he needed to release some steam..