My Little Twinkies Are Two!

My darling little sweethearts Katie and Abbey,
Today is your birthday. Where has the time gone? As I sit here and ponder about all the things I love most about you, I realize there are so many, but these are my favorites. They make my heart melt.

I love the sound of your little feet as you race down the hall squealing and chasing one another.
I love how your little faces light up when your daddy walks through the door. Simply magical.

I love when you climb into my lap giggling and laughing with your sweet baby breath. I love your wickedly cute infectious funny little laughs.
I love listening to you in the morning sing your ABC's at the top of your lungs.
I love how you laugh and babble at one another in your cribs in the morning.
I love when you crawl up in mommy and daddy’s bed for extra snuggle time in the morning with Barney and Pinky. My heart could just explode.
I love it when you call Maggie "Mo-Mo". Ahh, so sweet.
I love the way you take mommies face in your little chubby hands and give big wet hugs and kisses.
I love it when Daddy says "who loves daddy" and you both scream "mee
eeeeeeeee". I love when you're playing outside and hear an airplane, stop and look up and say "bye-bye airpwane, bye-bye" and blow kisses.
I love it that you two will always have one another. Sisters. Forever.
I love how you give one another big kisses and say "I wuv you Ta-tie- I wuv you Abbey" and hug each other.
I love when you crawl up in my lap and say "hug, mommy" for no reason other then to be held and kissed.

I hope you never get tired of mommy’s kisses and hugs. But most of all, I am so happy and proud to be your mommy. I hope you always know how much your daddy and I wanted and prayed for you two precious babies. We love you more than anything in this world. No matter how big you get you will forever always be my little babies.

Mommy xxooxx