Can I see your's?

I've had a notion for quite some time to look through your windows. Ok, not to creep you out, I think there are laws against that. But I am curious to see what's inside the window dressing. So, I've decided I'm going to do my own meme. How's that for taking charge? I'm inviting you to take a peek into the loony bin and in return I get to peer through your windows. Invited. The rules are simple. You post fotos of your crib with a brief description of the room or rooms. Simple. So, please come in and look around. "May I offer you a cool beverage"?

This is the "love" nest where man-boy and woman make "whoppi". Yes, we have a fireplace in our bedroom however we need no heat!

Our Kitchen. This is where I work my "magic". Most meals are eaten here. Depend upon who's home things in the kitchen can get a little warm too.

Daddy's mini guitar collection minus the "Gator". This is where he serenades mommy.

The "man-cave". Gator games are watched from here during season with daddy's "man" friends. Doing what else? Farting watching the "Gators and eating Burrito Brother's taco's(shipped in from Gainesville every season)all while e-mailing one another from their lap tops. Hmmm, maybe lm (loving man) has a blog and hasn't shared with me or an on-line romance?!

Our family room. If you look real hard you can probably find the laptop shoved under the couch! We spend all of our time in this room. Picture was taken b.c. (before children) It never looks like this. Even after cleaning lady..

Our Dining Room. I especially love the chairs as they are ginormous . For my families large curvaceous bum's.

My babies nursery. I love this room the best, when babies are sleeping.....

I have tagged the following:

Crazylady (I want all of you to experience the beauty that she and fm built with their own hands-extraordinaire).
Steffie B. (I've been dying to be invited in for a drink....ok so I'm nosey. So show me the goods momma-seta).
Dragon Slayer (The nudie shots have me so curious, plus I want to see what you have hangin' on your walls).
Diana (not to be forgotten one of our favorite talented twin mommies)

Get out your white gloves...I'm on my way....