You know most people would not be too alarmed about receiving a big brown envelope in the mail from Homeland Security. Of course most people probably didn't experience what we did either over a year ago trying desperately just to bring our little girls home. After all we were in the PRC and we weren't going anywhere until some questions were answered and to their satisfaciton. I still break out in a sweat even talking about it. Another day, another story.... So, yes, we(still) get a little uneasy about receiving anything in the mail with Homeland Security plastered all over it even after so much time has passed. Over a year. I haven't forgotten. But we (yes, both of us) were a little more than upset yesterday when we received a formal document from Homeland Security along with our dossier. The document stated: This home study is being returned to you because eighteen (18) months or more have elapsed since the date of completion of advanced processing. Your approval has now expired. Are they for real?! If you are interested in pursuing an international adoption, you will need to file a new form I-600A with the appropriate fee. What the flipity flip? Please note that as of July 30, 2007 a new fee schedule will be effective and the filing fee has changed. And? Please see the website for more information......
Adoptions Unit (no name-naturally)
District #7
fuckity, fuck, fuck. AND our government wonders why we question everything they do. They have no system in place or an adequate process........Obviously big, big holes in the system. no, earthquakes. Typhoons! Further more they have not idea (obviously) that:
  1. We've been to China They should, they issued our visas! and back......
  2. We adopted twins. Cleared customs in Chicago with the little monsters-- (yes, monsters they had not slept in over 36 hours--monsters)does this not get entered into a big data base... hmmmm, it's not to difficult for immigrants either I'm guessing.

  3. We've been home about 16 months... Again, where is the security here.

  4. We are in the process of re-adoption. Someone please help me understand this.

Has anyone else received anything like this? Crazy shit man.