The Year was 1978

It's Funky Friday and you know what that means.
It's time for me to divulge a little more of myself to you.
Can you stand it?

The following article was published in the local paper in September of 1978 of the small town where I once lived. This was actually news worthy back then. Could you imagine? Of course so were (still are) the obituaries and the local criminals. A regular National Enquirer. It reeked of scandal. Meet small town
U.S. A.

Ten senior girls shown below will be on pins and needles *snort* life altering event until Monday's student body election and results are over and they know whether they will be the 1978 Homecoming Queen or one of her two attendants. Insert: loyal subjects.....

Oh my g-d. It was worse than any sleazy politician running for office. The lovelies would "corner" their prey in the lunch room where they had no where to run or hide. Vultures. They were on a mission. I've never seen anything quite like it in all my life. But, hey I had only been at this small country school for 6 weeks. (Yes, my parent's moved me in my Senior year-I was a bad girl). But there was a lot at stake here. I know you're thinking college scholarship or *gasp* money--we all like money. But, no, these girls had campaigned their entire school career for this fleeting moment. This was about who was more popular and of course the "coveted" crown. Sort of like here in "blogland". It's all the same. We're just older now. lol.

Ok, who can guess which 3 it was? Stay tuned next week when the ballots (no hangin' chads either) are in and the lucky three are given the "lucky" rose. Their lives will never be the same. Bwahahaha... What will become of them?