Update July 26, 2007

Kate absolutely lights up when she sees her Daddy. She cuddles up close with her cheek next to his.

Sporting their new rims. Kate seems really excited about Tanner holding her, doesn't she?

It's been so fun to dress her in "big " clothes...something besides a onesie. Her hair is getting so long that we always have to have it in a clip or it's in her face.

After talking to my Mom yesterday I decided to print out my blogs and put them in a scrapbook binder as a family journal. Soooo.....I will be putting the date on all my titles and hopefully my writing won't get too boring since I want it to be a blog/journal.

Anyhow, Kate is now 6 months old!! It has gone by so fast. She is still so pleasant, happy and content. She's total -cries if she even gets bumped, gets her feelings hurt if Tanner yells to loud at her, or takes away her toys, etc. Whereas Tanner at 6 months could fall off the couch and not even make a peep-he was so tough. I've been trying to feed her solids, but it's been unsuccessful. It's so much easier just to latch her on, and as you can see from the pictures, she's not lacking in nutrition. = )

Tanner begs to go swimming all day and watch the "new moobie"(parent trap). Lately whenever Kate is talking too loud or cries, Tanner looks at her and says, "Too loud, Tate." If she still continues to cry or talk, he'll say it louder, "TOO LOUD, TATE!" It's hard not to laugh when he does it.

Tanner is always trying to get Kate to play cars with him, but doesn't want her to touch the cars. He will push all of her toys off her highchair(when she is in it), and pile it high with his cars. Then he'll say, "Kate play cars." But when she picks up a car, he takes it away. I'll tell him that he has to pick out 1 car (out of his 100 cars) to let her play with. He picks the same car every time- a hideously ugly neon orange car. Kate's a good sport about it.

Shad just got a new calling. He got released from YM, after 7 years, and is now the Elders Quorum President. I'm the activities chairman-loads of fun (can you sense my sarcasm?). I've been trying to do it with a cheerful heart, in hopes that once I accept it willingly, I will be released. Hasn't happened yet.

Now that it's been 6 months since I had Kate, I finally feel more on top of things now. I am really enjoying life and especially Shad, Tanner and Kate. Well, Tanner has been begging to "go swimmin' Mama" so I'm off. Have a good day everyone!