"Oh Crap," shouts Tanner, in the middle of Sacrament Meeting

Kate can now sit up pretty good by herself, even on the floor. It's so cute to see them sit up...it makes them seem older .

Well, this is right after Tanner pushed all of her toys on the floor and he is gathering up his cars around the house to load up on her tray.

And this is them playing cars together. Tanner shared so good this weekend. He would always let Kate touch his cars, even the cool ones. Kate still doesn't love it, but I think to Tanner, she is his best friend.

This is right before church. I know she's my own, but I have to say, she is seriously beautiful.

So onto the "Oh Crap" story. So we're sitting in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and Shad opens up a bag of fruit snacks (he says they're for Tanner, however Shad is very choosy about the Tanner's Sunday snacks and half magically disappear during church). So back to the story-the fruit snacks fly all over and Tanner says, "Oh Cwap." Shad and I look at each other, to confirm that he actually said that. Our saving grace, was that it was in the middle of an intermediate hymn. I blame my Mother completely. She always said crap and now I say crap. I figure the sins be upon the heads of the parents right? So thanks a lot Mom. = ) For those of you who aren't family members--I am totally just teasing my Mom. I don't blame her at all. = )