We're back!

We're back and I have pictures to post from my new camera.

This is a picture of Ama.

These are pics of Tanner's favorite things in Utah....his cousins (especially Katelyn-they were inseparable) and his Ama's cat.

This is Kate after eating her first piece of licorice. Not healthy, but she hates the car and we had to drive 20+ hours round trip and couldn't listen to screaming the whole time. You can tell by the pic that she thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is Shad and I discussing (arguing) over who got to eat the most fudge we got from the BYU bookstore.

This is Tanner and his stash from the bookstore. Poor Kate didn't get anything.

On campus. We're trying to brainwash our kids early. = )

Kate and Tanner were done with BYU by this picture.

I love her cheeks!

Kate and Shad.

Tanner's first shot.

Kate and Granddad (Shad's Dad)

Love you and miss you all!!!!