Busting out

It was only a matter of time before my girls joined their idols up north. BUT, I was not prepared for the carnage I was to encounter yesterday morning. Denial that it would happen to us. My perfect girls. Bwahahaha. Katie had obviously been studying her get-away for days like a true caged criminal as I later would discover pictures Mai had been taking of the escape artist caught red-handed in the act with leg thrown over the rail trying to bust loose. Anyway, it was your classic "jail-break". She hoisted herself over the railing, hopped on the dresser and then jumped to what she thought was soon to be freedom. Er, well so she thought. You will see the little monkey even figured out how to climb back in the crib! ha ha...

I could here her talking away to daddy as I was getting ready for work. Well, I thought she was talking to daddy. She kept squealing "hi daddy, hi daddy, hi daddy". Funny now when I think about it I didn't hear daddy saying anything. Should have been a lights on for this bright girl...This is the conversation between Jeff and I while I was getting ready for work.
Jeff: "Have you been in the girls room"?
Me: "No".
Jeff: "You haven't been in their room this morning"?
Me: "No".
Jeff: "You haven't been in there this morning"?
Me: as I look at daddy and say a little firmer "No, I haven't why"?
Jeff: "Come with me then, you've got to see something".

As we push open the door to the girls room and see Katie standing in the middle of a total mess. Much to our surprise it had been destroyed. Trasssssshed. Baby wipes everywhere and vaseline smeared on things it shouldn't be. Katie standing in the middle of it all said so calmly "Hi mommy", and grinned from ear to ear. Yep, she was beyond proud. She had created a master piece. A real work of art. As you will see from photos. Jeff and I just started laughing and "mamarrazi" grabbed the camera. Memory shots.

Abbey stood in her crib with the baby wipe container on her head- yeah par-tay girl like her momma and jumped and giggled as if to be saying good job Katie. Great, that's all she needs. More encouragement..... Now, crazylady what do we do?! We have one monkey who has figured out how to get out of the bed (she stays in the bed when we put her to bed at night) and one (which is my wild child) who has not. Help, help, help. My fear now is that she could hurt herself, but I can not put Katie's mattress on the floor and not Abbey's or Abbey will pitch a fit and none of us will get any sleep. You know what that means. If momma doesn't get her sleep momma aint happy. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Where are you crazy momma when I need you.......