Rockin' Girl Blogger

Sexy Steffie b. nominated me, yes me as a rockin' girl (are girls almost 50 now?) blogger. I'm flattered. Really. I have to agree with Steffi, I'm waiting for the "freak" award. We display our "freak" flag proudly here at the Ghelerter house!

I'm guessing most of you visit because you want to get a glimpse of the monkeys. I know, I know they're cute. Or maybe it's the antics of our everyday life. At any rate, I love getting to know all of you and sharing our freaky freak show with you. I'm not perfect but I give 100% whatever I'm doing. So, I am nominating mommy24treasures, jewels of my heart and Mad Race for Macey because these ladies are awesome photographers. Well, they display some beautiful photography on their sites.