She never ceases to amaze me.

Today Kerri went to a birthday party at a gymnasium.  It just happens to be the same gym that we were looking to join because of their experience working with children with special needs.  So we arrived a bit early to check the place out, met with a lovely coach, and decided this was the right place for Kerri.

Unfortunately, they are booked way in advance, so Kerri has to wait until the Winter session begins in early December.  But as of this December, Kerri will officially be studying gymnastics.  And she (and we) are thrilled. 

Kerri has been wanting to do this for awhile now, but we waited a year to see how she did with occupational therapy.  A year ago, Kerri could not stand straight on two feet (on solid ground), without losing her balance.  Today, Kerri stood on a balance beam and without falling, was able to play catch and throw with an instructor on another balance beam, for an extended period of time.  They observed her flexibility on the floor exercises, then tested her coordination on the trampoline.

We were told she would never be able to do this. And yet there she was, several feet up on a narrow board of wood.  I expected Kerri to fall. She wobbled, and was even unsure of the highest balance beam, but Kerri never fell off.  The therapy is really working.  And I can't wait to tell her therapist on Monday!

I learned long ago not to label Kerri, or believe in limitations.  We always told Kerri she could do anything she set her mind to, just maybe in a different way.  So to watch her balancing on a high beam, while playing catch, was just amazing.  We couldn't be prouder of Kerri.  And we are forever grateful to all the therapists in her life that have helped her become the special little girl she is today.

Life with Kerri is reminded that anything is possible, if you work hard enough and never give up.