Mom = guilt trips.

It all started with a joke.  Nana and Megan were planning a trip to see Catherine in Montreal, and I (jokingly) said I wanted to go too.  Within a few minutes, it was decided I would join them.  And hubby insisted I go.  I was joking!  But then, the idea of getting away for two days started sounding like a good thing.  So I agreed.  Kerri, on the other hand, has been trying to convince me to either not go, or take her with me. 

Last night Kerri asked yet again why I could not take her.  Daddy told Kerri that I have never left her side.  I quickly replied that was not true, there was that one time I was in the hospital for one day.  And then Kerri immediately reminded me that there was also that one time I went to Florida by myself when she was small.  Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that - but Kerri has an incredible memory. 

I already booked the hotel.  I have thought about cancelling at least a dozen times due to guilt.  I am worried how well Kerri and hubby are going to manage without me. 

Kerri asked me (yet again) what was I going to do while I was away.  I really have no idea.  I told her I would bring her back bagels, which she loves.  But really - what will I do with twenty-something year olds and lots of time on my hands?  More importantly, how am I going to keep up?

I could catch up on sleep, or reading.  Or swim in the pool.  I could go sightseeing, or shopping.  Or I could observe what the younger generations do with free time and remind myself I was once young too.  Nah, I was born old.  But I have lots of experience as a designated driver!  Ugh, why am I going?  How can Nana and Megan possibly think that hanging around this old lady could actually be fun?

Life with Kerri is feeling a tad guilty.