Pixie Circle Leader.

Last night, Kerri came home from Brownies with a few new items to be sewn onto her sash.  She (nonchalantly, might I add) told me she is now the Circle Leader for her Pixie group of Brownie peers.  She has a sparkly new badge to show her rank, as well as a new third year pin.

When I got excited and congratulated her, she brushed me off.  "Mom, second years (Brownies) always become Circle Leaders.  It's expected."  But I hugged her and congratulated her anyway, and I saw her huge smile while I did it.

Last night Kerri led her new (first years) group, in front of their parents, for their investiture ceremony (where they made the Brownie promise and officially joined the Girl Guides as Brownies and got their first badges and pins).  And while she shrugged it off as no big deal, we reminded her how excited she was last year when we proudly watched her take that step.  And the huge smile came back.

Life with Kerri is proud of our new Pixie Circle Leader.