Not a Tropical Beach Vacation

Someone suggested that I may need some downtime. I could get into that.

October, vacation month of the year, right? At least for wedding vendors it is one of the potential vacation months. And for homeschoolers, any month is a potential vacation month.

So, yesterday the boys and I packed up our schoolbooks (we may or may not actually take them out of the box) our warm fleece jackets and a bite of food and headed as far west as the car would take us, that is, until we hit the Pacific Ocean.

We are currently hosting a houseguest from Switzerland. Since Switzerland is a completely land-locked country, he has never seen an ocean except for the view from the airplane when he crossed The Pond to get to America.

So that reason, coupled with my need to get a smackerel of down time was good incentive to head to the coast in October. Of course we drove through pouring rain to get here but we'll take what we can get, which is rain, sun, fog, rain, wind, fog and sun. Complete unpredictability. I remember when I visited the Oregon coast for the very first time and the weather was identical in April. The thing is, when you are seeing the grandeur of the Pacific for the first time, the weather doesn't matter.

We have the cutest little beach house ever for our little get-away. It is old and tiny, smells like my grandmother's house did in 1969, and it's painted in bright colors of sun, sand, sky and sea. The adorable little kitchen is bright yellow with white wainscoting and a black and white checked linoleum floor. The dishes are turquoise melamine, just like my grandma had. Get the picture? Cute and beachy!

I slept just fine in the tiny sea green bedroom until the rascal boys I brought with me decided to begin the day at 5:30 ay. yem. They want to get the most out of the day but I want to get some long morning sleep! I will need to define "vacation" for them again. I checked the tide tables and later today when the tide is low we will venture out to find some tide pools with starfish and urchins.

But until then, this is where I am.
Could someone please bring me a Mai Tai?