How to make your marriage better

On the news program "Sunday Morning," they had an interview this week with a divorce attorney who's been married to his wife for several decades. When asked what factors seem to point to the eventuality of a divorce, he mentioned that spending too much time together is a prime culprit. Each spouse should have their own interests and activities. I've been saying that for years. You don't have to spend every waking minute with your spouse to enhance the validity of your marriage.

So, after hearing that, I felt a wee bit better for abandoning my husband for much of the weekend. On Friday night I met a friend for happy hour. We then went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant. It was really good but I did not feel well at all by the time I got home later that evening. I didn't even finish the glass of wine I'd ordered with dinner - which is not like me at all. I don't know if it was just too many spices my stomach had never met before or what. I went straight to bed. It was 9:30 (yeah, that's right - it's crazy up in here).

On Friday afternoon, I learned that a friend of mine had flown in on a whim.  He's a flight attendant, so I guess he can do that sort of thing. Anyway, I re-arranged my weekend plans a bit so that I could meet up with my friend (he was actually staying a couple hours away). On Saturday morning (since I was so well rested and all), I went to yoga and then to Weight Watchers (I lost half a pound). Then I took my daughter out to lunch at Noodles and then to a Halloween event. It was a lot of fun. We watched a hypnotist perform (my daughter was desperate to be on the stage, but the hypnotizer guy would only take kids 10 and over). She made some crafts as well . . . because we definitely needed more glued-together construction paper in our house.

Once I had fulfilled my motherly duties for the day, I packed a bag and hit the highway. I was going to drive back the same day but decided to get a room on Priceline instead. Ever since the "ticket incident" I've been feeling pretty paranoid about driving around late at night. I didn't really have the spare cash to be staying in hotels willy-nilly, but a speeding ticket costs more than a hotel room. I can vouch for that with certainty.  Anyway, I met up with my friend and another friend from high school, as well as that friend's boyfriend.  We proceeded to walk all over town (it should be noted that I didn't bring walking shoes), to have drinks here and there, and then to stop for a late dinner. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad I re-arranged my schedule for the weekend. I was supposed to take my daughter to a second Halloween event in the evening.  However, her dad took her instead and gave away my ticket. I am not good at last minute changes, so I was pretty proud of myself for not having a panic attack or anything.

When I got to my hotel room Saturday night, I was pretty excited about sleeping in a room all by myself. But then I morphed into my mother and could not sleep.  The room was too hot.  Had I actually been my mother, I would have called the front desk to have a maintenance person override the system and cool it the fuck down in there. Instead, I just slept fitfully and cursed the nice folks at the Wyndham.

On Sunday morning, I drove back home, made lunch for my little family, and then took the kid to a haunted house. I met a friend and her son there.  The haunted house is usually not appropriate for children, but there were doing a special dealio where they leave the lights on and give the bloodied undead the day off.  A thought she was pretty badass and didn't expect to be scared.  However, she did get a wee bit frightened. The four of us wound our way through the different rooms and kids wearing zombie make-up popped out and yelled.  After a few minutes, she started requiring me to walk through first. A woman who appeared to work there then walked ahead of us and asked the ghouls and ghosts to take it down a notch for our group. Of course, as soon as we made it out of the haunted house, my daughter quickly announced that she will do it again next year. After the haunted house, we stopped for frozen yogurt. Then, finally, I took the kid on a pumpkin-finding excursion.

I'd say I made the most of the weekend. And ensured that P and I will be married forever.

Pardon the hair - I had it cut today, I swear.