At the airport.

On Sunday, Daddy left on a business trip.  Kerri and Pookie moped the entire time he was gone.  So Kerri was really excited to go pick him up at the airport on Tuesday night.
This is the face she had for two entire days - still there while hugging her Daddy.  When she saw him coming down the escalator, she jumped for joy and shouted: "Daddy I misses you!".  The other passengers all broke out in smiles.

And this was the face we are used to seeing - once we were outside the airport.  She was all smiles.

Pookie also gave Daddy a huge greeting at the door.  And then stuck to him like glue all night.

We know Daddy sometimes has to travel for work, but we don't have to like it.

Life with Kerri is happy Daddy is home.