Over the years that I've spent making the special center-piece cakes for wedding receptions, I have seen quite a few cake toppers. Though cake toppers are not as common as they used to be, they still appear occasionally. Toppers today are never the traditional bride and groom posted seriously on the top of a tower of white wedding cake. Cake toppers these days are meant to be more representational of the actual human bride and groom and their personalities.

This was one of the first toppers I was asked to use. Though at the time I thought it was an extremely odd choice, the classical story of the Frog and the Mouse was incorporated in other parts of the reception. All the children attending had hand-made masks that represented the other characters of the tale. The bridal couple were clearly trying to inject fun and whimsy into their special day. Another example of the thoughtfulness of the details is the hops flowers on this cake- they were added because of the groom's hobby of brewing beer.

Another topper representing the playful personalities of the bridal couple. Butt-pinching is a bit unconventional in a wedding don't you think?

This cake topper was sculpted by a friend of the bride and groom. I'm not sure exactly why a unicorn was chosen but clearly the topper was made with a lot of love for the friends.

Another fun, hand-made topper. Can you guess what the groom's name was?

 I made this topper out of fondant for an outdoorsy couple. The bride worked with wild birds in her job as a wild life naturalist.

This cake topper is actually a pair of salt and pepper shakers. One has a mustache and the other has curvy lips.

This topper was from my Saturday wedding that was clearly a wedding fit for a princess with lots of bling and hundreds of pink roses. I felt this too was quite representational of the whole affair...