How we spent our weekend.

Saturday was spent here at home.  We invited Carol and Andre over for an Argentine BBQ.  It was such a beautiful day that we set up the table outside and spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening chatting the hours away.  Kerri spent most of that time in the pool.

On Sunday, Daddy had an appointment to replace the snow tires with the summer tires on the Mama Mobile.  It should have happened months ago, but he hurt his arm and could not lift the tires up from the basement.  Although he got the job done, he re-injured his arm and may have to go back to physio.

At the same time, Kerri and I headed out to her friend's birthday party.  We had an awesome time!  And the parents were such good sports.  They even allowed the kids to soak the Dad with water balloons (the Mom gave Kerri the hose so she did a great job of ensuring he was really wet).

Kerri spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside with her friends here in the neighborhood.  And then we were surprised with a visit from Nana's friend Meg, who had just returned from Montreal and brought us back fresh bagels (a gift from Nana).  So we asked (forced) her to stay for dinner, and had a lovely visit with Meg.

Thank you Nana for the bagels, and thank you Meg for delivering them and for the pleasure of your company!

Life with Kerri had a great weekend - hope you did too!