A wake up call.

I've had many "wake up" calls in my life, enough to appreciate what I have and how important my health and family are to me.  And this weekend, I received another wake up call.  This one was from my doctor's office, who wanted to see me right away about my blood tests.

It turns out I have an unexplained high white blood cell count, and the white blood cells are abnormal.  It usually means there is an infection, but I am not sick and don't really have any "sick" symptoms.  So we are going to wait two weeks and then do another blood test to see what comes up.

No problem.  Until I Googled abnormal white cells.  And there was my wake up call, staring at me from a tablet screen.  The words cancer, leukemia, and bone marrow diseases all came up.  And I had a scary night, wondering what would become of my husband and daughter if I had a serious illness. 

So I learned a few lessons last night.  First: never, ever google medical things until a doctor has diagnosed you.  Or you will scare yourself.  Second, never assume the worst, and think positive.  And I better get to work on my will and living will, just in case.  Because you never know when the next wake up call will come, or if I will even wake up. 

Life with Kerri is reminded to make every moment count.