Growing up too fast.

This morning, I laid out a new, pretty yellow shirt with a cute, new pair of shorts for Kerri to wear to school (since it is going to be a very hot day and schools here do not have air conditioning).  Kerri came down the stairs concerned her shorts were too big and falling off.  So we went back upstairs to find something else to wear.

I found a cute, new pink twirly skort (with a pretty bow on the side) and matching knee high socks.  But no matter what shirt I picked out, Kerri shot it down.  At one point, she was complaining that the bow on her skort was not visible, so I showed her how to tuck in the shirt.  She was not happy, until her Daddy complimented her.  And then it was okay.

Then Kerri insisted on taking two very heavy anatomy books to school, because they are learning about the human body - a subject Kerri has been studying since she could choose books.  I pointed out that her backpack was already very heavy, and she proceeded to put it on and carry the books to prove me wrong.  I had no choice but to give in...and watch as her quick skipping, happy pace slowed down to a weighed-down slow walk to the bus stop (she would not let her Daddy carry her backpack to prove her point).

I have learned to choose my battles, and compromise aplenty...but it is still hard to watch Kerri grow up so fast. 

Life with Kerri wishes I could slow down time.