Next week, a bunch of first and second graders from Kerri's Catholic school are attending a museum field trip (for which I volunteered to assist).  Turns out, a few days ago said museum opened up a controversial tell all exhibit about sex, including ALL kinds - and graphic displays and videos.  Some call it pornographic, many have protested it, and some applaud it.  But it is totally inappropriate for children under a certain age, and they have since changed their policy to only allow unaccompanied children ages 16 and up into the exhibit.

Kerri must have heard me talking about it with hubby (in one of her snooping sessions).  He did not want Kerri exposed to any of it and did not want her to go to the museum.  I told hubby I was going to call the school to make sure they were aware of the controversial exhibit, and ensure the kids would not be exposed to any signs, pictures, etc. that would be inappropriate - or at least prepare ourselves for the questions that would surely come (at least from Kerri, who is very inquisitive and vocal).

So when I picked up Kerri from the bus stop yesterday, she whispered: "Mom, did you call the school?".   Since she was injured that morning and the school had called me, I reminded her I had already talked this morning about her injury.  She shook her head no, and even more quietly whispered: "About shecks?"

I had no idea what she was talking about.  She whispered it a few more times before I figured it out.  And of course, I blurted out: "Do you mean sex, Kerri?", at which point, every parent and child at the bus stop turned to look at me.  Or at least I thought they did, and I blushed.  Kerri nodded yes, and I told her that I would tell her all about it at home.  And then she proceeded to whisper about it to her giggling neighbors and classmates.  Apparently, Kerri told everyone at the school about the shecks at the museum.  Sigh.

Once safely inside, I explained all was OK and we would go to the museum as planned, but would skip the sex exhibit since it was not appropriate for small children.  At this point, Kerri started pointing out to me all the things she knew (or thought she knew) about "shecks" and procreation.  And later, we went outside to play, and she told her classmates again about our conversation. 

Apparently there are no secrets at our house.  Lets just hope she never catches her parents having shecks or the whole school will hear about it.

Life with Kerri has a head full of grey hairs by now.