Conversations with Kerri.

Overheard in the car on the way home from Brownies (when Kerri was "pregnant" with her Mother's Day gift - see posts a few days ago!):
Kerri: (singing) "I'm glad you came, I'm glad you came. My uterus will never be the same."
Nana: "It's universe!  The song says universe not uterus!"
Overheard this afternoon:
Kerri: "We're going to the museum to see sex."
Friend: "Really?"
Kerri: "Yes, we're going to see them do sex and make babies at the museum."
Overheard last night:
Kerri: "We're going to the museum to see sex."
Nana's friend: "Oh?"
Mommy: "That's not true.  There is a sex exhibit but you are not going to it.  Do you even know what sex is?"
Kerri: "It's when two people get naked and kiss."

Life with Kerri is a bit obsessed right now.