Mama look a boo-boo!

Last night, Kerri had the mother of all nose bleeds.  She gets them quite often, but they are really starting to get scary.  She also has a bruise that just showed up (and she cannot remember how she got it).  It was a long night, but we finally got it under control after a few hours.

This morning her school called me to tell me she had a bump on her head.  She apparently banged her head against the monkey bars.  Kerri was sitting in the office with ice on her head, and telling me over the phone that "it doesn't hurt that much".

Sadly, we are used to this.  Kerri is currently in OT (Occupational Therapy) for her balance and coordination delay issues.  She falls or trips or walks into things, every day.  She is seriously klutzy, and accident prone.  But oy, can I ever feel the grey hairs growing! 

My cousin Kim told me I should be grateful we didn't have a boy.  Ha!

Life with Kerri is going to stock up on Bandaids.  You may want to buy their stock.