My Mother's Day....

 ....was lovely in every way. I spent time with each one of my seven offspring in one way or another- in person, on the  phone or via internet video call.

In the last few years a new Mother's Day tradition has developed here at home and now the kids are counting on it each year.

 We have a campfire in the backyard under the big Douglas Firs. Campfires always mean hotdogs and marshmallows too. Alyssa made a giant vat of potato salad and dessert included banana cream pie leftover from the baking week because it was graded too low (by me) to be presented to a bridal couple. So sad. (Not.)

This year was the best time yet. The weather was glorious and summery. In past years we have huddled under blankets, inching ever closer to the fire to warm up in the chilly wind or drizzly rain.

Living in the mountains we are restricted from having bonfires or campfires during the summer burn bans. The Mother's Day campfire is a real treat and having actual summer-like weather made it a perfect day.

 So the menu for Mother's Day is simple, assembled with lots of help from the kids. Chairs, benches and tables are dragged into the back yard with the cushiest resting places reserved for the mothers.

With a hand-me-down trampoline now present in the yard, there were new shenanigans taking place.

Lots of laughs and thankfully no injuries.

Fun with the kids is what Mother's Day is all about.