Mother's Day.

Sunday morning, I was ordered to stay in bed.  Kerri and her daddy brought up a breakfast tray with Earl Grey tea, orange juice, a buttered english muffin, eggs, bacon and strawberries.  And then I was ordered to eat it while they watched.  Even Pookie sat and watched (but I managed to sneak him some eggs and bacon when I thought everyone was distracted talking).

After a yummy breakfast, I was showered with handmade cards and gifts galore.  That pregnant belly Kerri had in Brownies was actually a hand made pillow!  And Kerri even wrote me a poem.  And then the neighbor girls snuck in to wish me a happy day.  Best Mother's Day ever.

In the afternoon, we sat outside with some neighbor parents while we watched the kids play.  I handed out watermelon to all the kids.  And later we had a BBQ.  The day was almost perfect. 

I can't help but get sad every Mother's Day though.  I miss my Mom and my Mother in Law, who are no longer with us.  And all my favourite Moms are very far away.  And then there is Kerri's biological mother.  Her sacrifice is the reason I am a mother today.  I wish she knew what an incredible child she brought into this world.  And how blessed I am to be Kerri's mommy. 

Life with Kerri hopes all the Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day too!