Kerri had a sleepover planned for tonight.  But we had to change our plans.  So instead, we are going to have a pajama breakfast party tomorrow morning, followed by a play date. 

Nana has been visiting for the past few days, and she watched Kerri for a few hours so hubby and I could go on an unplanned dinner date.  Thank you Nana and hubby!   We don't often get alone time (we went on one date last year, and one date in 2007), so this was a very special surprise.

Kerri, Nana, and I had a fun day shopping yesterday, and planning an upcoming party (I will post more about it at a later date). 

Hubby injured his arm and has been going to physio therapy, and it seems to be working.  He has a few more sessions to go, but we already see great improvement in his strength. 

Kerri went to Brownies last night and they made Mother's Day gifts.  Since a lot of moms would be picking the girls up, they had to sneak their gift under their shirt, either in the back like a camel or in the front like a wife (the leader's words, not mine).  Kerri came out looking like she was in her 9th term of pregnancy carrying twins, and amidst all the giggling girls decided to start running around yelling and laughing: "I'm pregnant!"  We couldn't get her car seat safety belt over her "tummy", so Nana made me turn around and Kerri "gave birth" and handed the gift to Nana, who then tucked it into her shirt and became pregnant too.  Kerri then switched it back when we got home because she wanted to show her Daddy her "pregnancy".

Pookie is eating away, but he looks like he has lost weight.  His birthday is coming up soon and so is his vet appointment.  He seems to be healthy and happy, and is extremely energetic, so I am not too worried.  But I wish he would put on some more weight.  He has always been underweight, and has been on a fattening diet all his life.  If only I had his metabolism!

And not too long ago I found a baby squirrel that had fallen out of it's nest in my backyard.  Today the baby came back to visit me.  Pookie was not happy, but it was really sweet.  I think I have a new outdoor pet, along with bunny who visits frequently.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!

Life with Kerri is keeping busy.