What a memory.

Yesterday we were at the furniture store. The couches we bought almost two years ago are in terrible shape, so they agreed to give us a store credit to replace them. While Mommy handled all the paperwork, Daddy and Kerri decided to go check out the mattress section.

Daddy showed Kerri a Tempur-Pedic mattress and explained that it was called a "memory foam" mattress. She asked what that meant, and he said: "Go ahead and sit on it. Now get up and look at the mattress. See how the mattress remembered the shape of your butt?" And Kerri immediately called it the "memory-butt" mattress.

By the time I was done and went to find them, they were lying on two different memory-butt mattresses, giggling away. Kerri showed me her memory-butt pillow, and told me she wanted the Tempur-Pedic mattress and pillow set. But the mattress cost over two grand, and the pillow almost two hundred dollars! So we had to drag her out of the store, explaining why we could not bring home a memory-butt anything.

Before we went home, I went across the street to Costco, and left Kerri and her Daddy in the food section to enjoy a snack. While I was shopping, I found a different brand memory foam/gel pillow on sale for about 29 dollars. So I bought it - for me. But as soon as we got home and Kerri saw it, she claimed it for her own. And she is in love with her memory-butt pillow. She even has given up all six squishy pillows she used to have on her bed. And this morning she was hugging it. Looks like the memory-butt stuff really works!

Life with Kerri is going back for another memory-butt pillow.