Limitless Legos

During our Easter break from school we made a trip into the city to visit the science museum. The catalyst for a trip there was the special exhibit of Lego sculptures on display this month. Right now the boys are loony for Legos so when they heard we were going to the exhibit they were over the moon for two solid days.

The exhibit was not what we expected. It was much better than we expected!

These were not your kid's Lego creations.

To me this was more of an art exhibit than a science exhibit, though plenty of graphing and calculations went into the creation of each piece. There were dozens of objects, some everyday things like a line up of three foot tall Crayola crayons and a six foot tall pencil, but there were lots of more thoughtful designs with subtle artistic messages.

I was astounded by the level of emotion and life that was expressed through the medium of tiny plastic bricks. These figures were nearly life size.

From these photos you may get the impression that all the objects in the exhibit were based on the human form but there were many themes. I took photos on two cameras. One of my cameras is not working right now and I can't retrieve the photos so I am missing many that would balance out a sampling of themes.

The majority of Lego sculptures were done by one artist but there was a small display by a local man who developed a method of making curves with straight Lego bricks.

This was an inspiring show. An artist can create expressive work even using something as simple as a child's plastic toys. This exhibit is traveling around the country. If you get a chance to see it, we highly recommend a viewing.