Conversations with Kerri.

Kerri: "Why do they call it Good Friday when something bad happened (during Easter)?"

Daddy: "Because it was a good Friday for the Romans?"

Kerri: "Well it was certainly a bad Friday for Jesus."


(While trying on her new pirate clothes):
Kerri: "Why do I have to wear these pants called bloomers under my dress?"

Mommy: "Because back in the day they did not wear panties, the bloomers were the panties, I think."

Kerri: "Do you mean Tia doesn't wear panties under her bloomers?!"

Mommy: "I am pretty sure Tia wears panties under her bloomers."

Kerri: "Oh good, because that would be awkward."


Kerri: "I farted under my pirate dress!"

Mommy: "Oh Kerri, that is pretty stinky smelling."

Kerri: "I am just getting into character, I needed some pirate perfume!"


Life with Kerri is never boring.