We're back!

It's been a busy week, but I was not able to log on to update the blog. Not because I was busy, but because our computer needed some attention. It seems that our virus protection was not working properly, and we had quite the infection of viruses, worms and Trojans. Thank goodness hubby knows how to deal with these things, and I am back!

So let's catch up. Kerri brought home her first report card. Considering all she has been going through and dealing with, I was not expecting such an awesome report card. We are so very proud of her for doing her best, and achieving such high scores! She finally made her first "A-" in Visual Arts. All her other grades vary between "B" and "B+". And she was graded "Excellent" in the areas of Responsibility, Independent Work, Initiative, and Collaboration. Yes, I am bragging - because my daughter has an IEP at school that is working! And now that the teachers know and use different methods to ensure her comprehension, and understand her issues, Kerri is blossoming in school - her grades reflect that accomplishment. I could not be prouder of my daughter; and so extremely grateful to her school and dedicated teachers.

Speaking of dedicated teachers...her teacher and I had another conversation yesterday. Kerri is finally speaking up and telling the teacher about her concerns regarding the bullying behaviour from the special needs student. It is a daily occurrence, and it happens to anyone - not just Kerri. But Kerri finally has put her fears aside and is trusting her teacher. That is a huge, big deal. Her teacher and I have been reassuring her, and it is finally paying off. And I am so very grateful that her teacher is on board. What a difference - we see results, Kerri feels safe, and no more nightmares!

Furthermore, Kerri is learning to understand the boy's reactions, and be kind and compassionate to him - but she also now knows that when he is not acting appropriately, she can speak up and action is taken and she does not have to put up with any abuse. Instead of shunning the boy, the class is learning to accept, forgive, and love him despite his sometimes mean and aggressive behaviour. And instead of excusing the boy, the school takes actions and the boy knows it is not OK - even if he cannot control himself - to behave badly towards others. And somehow it is working, because the kids still play with him and like him, and when he acts up they now immediately go to the teacher (instead of reacting to the boy). We could all learn a thing or two from these wonderful kids.

OK, enough about school. At Brownies, Kerri earned a few new badges. She still wants to go to gymnastics, and take art classes. Her asthma seems to be pretty much controlled this winter, and her psoriasis too. She keeps getting nosebleeds though, but we are now able to stop them pretty quickly. I think the humidifier in her room is helping - and the warmer winter too. And although we all love the snow...we are looking forward to an earlier Spring! Kerri can't wait to kick her soccer ball around, and now wants roller blades (and a pogo stick, a scooter, and a skateboard). It's going to be a very active Spring. And just like flowers grow in Spring, Kerri has been in a growth spurt too. We are having a hard time finding clothes that fit! She has some new size 7 jeans that are too tight around her hips, so we are moving up to size 8. We had to buy new panties in size 10 because the size 8 ones were starting to feel uncomfortable around her legs. And she outgrew her sneakers - we had to run out and buy a new pair (size 2) for school this past weekend. Kerri laughed and told me she will be taller than me by the time she is sixteen. Oy.

So Life with Kerri is back on track. Did you miss us?