happy birthday elle!

dear elle,

oh i love you so much.  you bring me so. so. so much joy.  you are full of life.  happy, warm and cuddly.  you are much more independant than your brother and sister. probably because you watch them and want to be like them so badly.  especially kate.  you want to be just like her.  you copy everything she does.  you want to wear her clothes, paint your nails like hers, carry her baby and her purse, wear her jewelry, wear her play make-up.  you even say the things she says.  yesterday i gave you some lunch and you looked at me and asked, "a healthy?"  because kate asks that before she eats anything (she eats it whether it's healthy or not....i'm not sure why she asks). then you asked, "a protein?"  another thing kate always asks (because she lives on baby oranges...we try to encourage protein here and there).  when you wake up from your naps, you ask for kate.  when kate goes on a playdate, you are so sad and ask for her over and over while she's gone.  your big sister and brother adore you.  they get excited every single morning when you wake up.  tanner would do anything for you.  he has your back.  he gets your binkies for you, your blankie, your doll and your milk.  he lifts you onto the tramp, and helps you down.  he runs runs to me in a panic if you get hurt.  he lets you boss him around.  he got a lego watch for christmas, that you love, and even though he loves it just as much, he lets you wear it all the time.  you have dad wrapped around your finger.  oh yeah.  he lets you get away with anything.  i have to put you down at night for bed, or he'd let you stay up as late as you want.  he'll say, "she's not tired, " with a grin.  he just wants you to stay up so he can hold you.  = ) you are a GREAT sleeper.  you go to bed and don't make a peep until morning.  then you play and talk in your crib for 1-2 hours.  if i get you up before you've done your playing, you are still sleepy (and sort of grouchy).  i think you like the time in there.  you love playing with your babies...swaddling them, feeding them, holding them when they "cry". you laugh and smile all the time.  you run everywhere.  it's like you don't know how to walk.  = )  you love to eat baby oranges, salmon, popcorn, salad, shrimp, the little beans inside of green beans, milk, and any treat you can get your hands on.  oh, and gum.  the other day in target, i was talking to a friend we ran into and you dug around in my purse, found a full pack of gum and ate every. last. piece.  you had minty breath all day.  if you ever watch tv, it's always mickey mouse, and only for 5 minutes or so. you're too busy for tv.  you started crawling out of your crib 2 months ago.  we had to move you to a pack-n-play with a crib tent on top.  you love it.  i ask you once in a while if you want to sleep in your crib again, and you say you "don't like" your old crib.  you sleep with "stu", tanner's old stuffed dog (that he gave you because you wanted it), a baby, a binkie and your blankie.  you are obsessed with your blanket and binkies.  they go everywhere with you.  your blanket gets so dirty.  it's always drama when i try and sneak it away from you for a wash.  i can't believe you're two already. we are so lucky to have you.  we love you baby girl.