A Sign of Spring

There has been nothing to blog about from here. Nothing except fever....headache, lethargy, chills, body aches, sore throat, fever, coughing, inflamed eyeballs, snotty noses, coughing, fever, sleepless nights.....same song second verse a little bit faster and a little bit worse.

Yeah, yeah, I told you all this in the last blog post. But nothing has changed. Nine people down for the count. I'm still the last man standing and I'm waiting for that hammer to come down. In the mean time other family and friends are keeping their distance and we're holed up here except for that excursion for the fancy dinner.

So leaving the latest sickies behind, Katie and I made an escape to the annual big city garden show- on the one Saturday in February when the rest of the state was also emerging in force from hibernation. The traffic was heinous.

But the gardens were luscious. It's hard to believe that these green and blooming displays, with paved pathways, rocky waterfalls and blossoming trees are but a mirage that lasts for only a few days then is dismantled and hauled away. Such a pity.

This garden show had seven gardens with themes from seven countries of the world.

The inspiration from these events is endless. A mobile herb garden/happy hour cart?

And the clay pots! Lots and lots of clay pots!

It makes me want to raid my studio and start drilling holes in pots and rigging water pumps.

But then I remember this is a mirage and there is snow at my studio door.

Then there's the garden art!

Is there anywhere outside the Great Northwest that has this much garden art?

Or blown glass? Be still my heart...

The first sign of spring in Oregon is the garden show.

Winter can leave and take the flu with it!