kids art display

I've been eyeing these photos for a while now.....collecting frames, saving my kids artwork, etc.  My favorite has always been the top photo...very doable.  I'd love to do the second photo, but don't think Shad would be on board, and the third photo is beautiful, but I'm pretty sure half of that is the blue wall with the same-sized frames, similar artwork in each frame, etc.  I didn't want to "plan" my kids art.  I wanted it to be real.  Most of ours ends up being on scratch paper from Shad's work...random financial statements flipped over and colored on.  Not planned out on beautiful water color paper.  So it may not look like these top three gorgeous photos, but it's real.  It's us.  And I love it.

It makes our house feel so much more like our home. And the kids feel on top of the world seeing their artwork displayed.  = )