Gotta Paint.

Last night, Kerri went to a pottery place with her Brownie unit - something she has never done but wanted to do for the longest time. Kerri decided to make a plate as a Valentine's Day gift for our family. She really made an intricate design - she called it "Polka Dots" - and covered the entire plate on both sides in paint. Kerri was so involved in her design, that she never even noticed that I left.

The only reason I left was because I drove hubby's car and it got stuck in the ice. With the help of a very kind lady (Mom of one of the Brownie unit members), I was able to get the car out. I then drove home, picked up hubby and the Mama Mobile, and came back in time to watch Kerri finish her masterpiece. She never even looked up.

We can't wait to see what the plate looks like after they cook it up in the kiln! I will post pictures once we get it back.

Life with Kerri is considering sending our little artist to art classes.