Last year when he came to visit he was just a blue-eyed baby who loved to snuggle, suck his thumb and twirl your hair.

This year he's a very busy toddler.
He still likes to suck his thumb and twirl his own hair but he has many other things to do also.

In just three days he has inspected every drawer and cupboard in Grandma's house that is within his reach, reinspecting as necessary.

He mauls the kitty who tolerates his examinations with patient yet cat-like indifference.

Evan talks a lot- in his own tongue without benefit of an interpreter. He especially likes to pontificate in a loud voice whenever anyone else is reading a book aloud for the benefit of others.

He can be even louder when he doesn't get what he demands.

He is bi-lingual. While speaking only his own language he understands English perfectly. We, on the other hand, can only guess what he is saying.

Shoot! The battery is running low. Need to charge it.

Excuse me guys, I need to take this call.

Dude! Yeah, I'm in town for two more weeks. We need to hang out.

Oh sorry, gotta go. The diaper's getting a bit ripe. Catchya later!