A very long time ago, I was hit head on by a drunk driver. I lost four years of my life; went through years of rehabilitation; had to learn many things over again; and then get myself off of all the pain medications I was addicted to.

There were some things I could never recover....and one of those things I lost that day was most of my short term memory due to a brain injury.

At times, Kerri and hubby joke about it. They are used to me asking the same question - that I asked not just a minute ago - all over again, even though they have answered the question at least twice. They know to remind me that I locked the door or turned off the stove, probably so I don't bug them over and over again. Even though I forget they reminded me and I ask again anyway.

But the biggest thing is my need to write everything down on my very large desk calendar. So I can remember what I need to do when, or what I have already done. Since I am the one that handles everyone's schedules, appointments, finances, shopping, etc....I need to know what I cannot remember. It keeps me extremely organized, since I automatically check my notes several times a day. And I also have lists everywhere: things to do, things to buy, etc.

It seems that Kerri has now picked up my habit. She has an exceptional memory. But she now writes detailed, organized lists for herself and others. She has copied my style - actually, my need to have everything listed - and has now started posting these all over the house. I found a post-a-note on the bathroom mirror and the staircase reminding herself to watch a movie at a certain date and time. I found a detailed list of how she was going to clean her room, step by step, this weekend - placed visibly on her dresser. And when she had her play date, she had listed every activity, snack, movie, and time frames to keep her and her friend on track.

I had to have a talk with her to explain that the reason I do this is because I have to, not because I want to. And that she does not necessarily have to write everything down, since she remembers absolutely every single thing. But Kerri told me she liked it, and was going to continue the practice. She thinks it is logical and makes sense. So I lost my argument. And still find her notes all over the place. And they make me smile, despite all I have lost. Because she helps me remember all I have gained.

Life with Kerri is thankful for the memories I do have.