Lately, Kerri has been having some really bad nightmares. We are pretty sure they are being caused by the Singulair she is taking at night. She has dreamt that she was set on fire, that she was being eaten, that I drowned and an evil stepmother took my place, and other really nasty, scary things. For the last week she has been regressing back to her old insecurities, and we have had some sleepless nights. And she is now too big to co-sleep in our bed. We tried it, and there was just no room!

So last night, without telling her why, I skipped the Singulair. And voila: no nightmares. She slept peacefully throughout the night in her own bed and woke up happy.

Her asthma seems to be under control for now, so I might talk to the doctor about skipping a dose every now and then so we can all get a good night's sleep. Especially Kerri, who is in a growth spurt and needs her rest.

Life with Kerri is yawning a bit.