I'm how old?!

Kerri's ex-boyfriend had been on vacation for several weeks, and Kerri had not seen him since before the holidays. So when they met up yesterday to go to school, they had a lot of catching up to do. At the bus stop, Kerri insisted on inviting him over to play. So his mom and I gave in, and he came home with us.

When these two get together, it is always fun. They have an awesome friendship, and we love having him over. So our afternoon went by pretty quickly, and was full of laughter, giggling and lots of silliness. At one point, this conversation happened:

Kerri: "How old is your Mom?"
Ex: "I don't know."
Mommy: "She is the same age as Kerri's Daddy."
Ex: "I thought Corey was older, like 35."
Mommy: "Actually, Corey and your mom are both 41, and I am 46."
Ex: "I thought you were like a gazillion years old."

Another fun conversation followed shortly after:

Kerri: "You know what I dreamed last night? I dreamed I married a bald man. I don't want to marry a man that's bald!"
Ex: "I dreamed I married a big woman who was bald and had a beard!"
Kerri: "You think she can get me a job in the circus?"

Nana came by after work to help us celebrate the Chinese New Year, and we had a wonderful evening just catching up and hanging out.

Life with Kerri hopes to live to be a gazillion!