Too. Many. Questions.

I remember when my little sisters would ask "Why?" constantly. But they grew out of it really quickly. Kerri, on the other hand, has a myriad of questions on a daily basis. And some of them are just turning my hair grey.

For example:

"What does sexy mean?"
"How do people have sex?"
"What does being gay mean?"
"How does the baby get in the Mommy's stomach?"

And if you see a theme here, you are right. When I was growing up, we really did not get answers to these questions. And we did not even ask some of them. And when we did, Mom told us to ask Dad, and Dad told us to ask Mom. So we just assumed neither of them knew the answer and just gave up asking.

But we are taking a different approach. We decided we would be age-appropriate honest. That meant lots of trips to the book store to get books on subjects I was not sure how to answer. And the questions have progressed as Kerri has gotten older. She wants facts, details, pictures.

Tia sent Kerri a college level biology and anatomy book. Kerri LOVES it. She reads it almost every day, looks at the pictures, and asks really good questions. And sometimes we learn something new right along with her.

But oh boy, is it ever hard to answer certain questions. You know, the ones I never got answers to when I was growing up. Sometimes I can just feel my hair turning grey as I mentally grasp for what to say. And lately, I find myself saying, "I am not sure Kerri, let's go to the book store and find a book on the subject so we can learn about it together." Yeah, it's a cop out. But at least I won't have to dye my hair every other day!

Life with Kerri has lots of questions that need answering.