Monday Wedding Cake Round Up

See? This could be a regular Monday morning feature. Do you want to see the wedding cakes that I am churning out every single weekend? Here are the three I just did.

This was a very hefty cake. Red velvet, which I discovered is the crummiest cake ever. Like glitter, the crumbs get everywhere and clean up is challenging. It took two strong server guys to carry this thing to where it needed to be. And notice the color scheme includes purple, the trendy color of the year. The bridesmaids wore charcoal gray gowns.

This was a very petite cake. It is hard to tell the scale from this photo but the bottom is a regular nine inch birthday cake size. All white, very classically bridal.

This was for a bride who loved color. The bouquets were a rainbow of flowers. The bridesmaids also wore gray gowns. Ribbon has been very big this year for cake accents. As you can see all three of these cakes had ribbon.

Next weekend I have my most challenging cake of the summer. A five tiered cake in a black and white design.