Homesick Rambling

Life around here is very unusual right now.

First of all, there are no noisy boys running around making messes, leaving stuff in the doorways, tracking mud on the carpet, eating all the cake leftovers and begging for ugly cupcakes.

The little boys are with their uncle having so much fun that they aren't even a little bit homesick.

But I'm getting homesick for the way home is supposed to be.

Kids! All of ya! Come home to your mother for awhile!

Secondly, I'm not doing much cooking. Baking, yes. But cooking no. I'm enjoying the vacation from the stove and the meal planning feels so very strange. Not like home should be with a family table and bowls of hot deliciousness passed around it. It's a good thing my nest isn't permanently empty. That's gonna hurt.

Four more weddings on the horizon has my mind boggled with details and my kitchen covered in cake batter.

Tonight I am making marzipan cupcake do-dads.

Tomorrow- more cakes and cupcakes.

Oh, and the Oregon weather? Today 64 degrees and a bit of rainy drizzle. It's still July, right?


It's so quiet.