Quick Change Artist.

On Monday night, I warned Kerri that I would be waking her up early so we could pick up Daddy and take him to the doctor's office. So Tuesday morning, Kerri was prepared.

I did not know this, but Kerri had dressed for the doctor's visit, and then put her pajamas on top of her outfit to go to bed. It was not until Tuesday morning, as she peeled off her pj's, that I saw her outfit underneath. She even had two pairs of socks and underwear on!

When I asked her why she had done this, she told me she wanted to be ready quickly. She had put a lot of thought into what she was going to wear. I tried not to laugh. I failed miserably, but Kerri laughed right along with me.

So Kerri and I headed out to get Daddy, wrinkles and all.

Life with Kerri changes quickly!