Happy Gotcha Day!

Six years ago, a little girl was placed into my arms, and we started on a great adventure that would be known as life with Kerri. It has been the most amazing six years of our lives! Adoption made us a family, but Kerri made me a Mommy. And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

This morning Kerri surprised me with breakfast. Right now, she is in her basement playroom, all by herself, playing with her toys. This is the same little girl who could not be alone anywhere, anytime just a few years ago. She never ceases to surprise me. Yesterday, for instance, we were headed to the movies and dinner, and Kerri came downstairs in a wacky outfit that clashed. When I asked her about it, she said: "I am in a crazy mood and my clothes reflect that. And I don't care what people think or say." And so, Kerri went out in her wacky outfit with her head held high and her very proud parents shaking their heads in amazement.

Kerri, you are beautiful, inside and out. You are smart and funny. You are brave and talented. You are creative and caring. You are loved by those blessed to call you family and friend. And you are so very special. Someday you will look back and read this blog, and I hope you realize just how loved you are. Keep doing the right thing, even when it is not popular. Keep being unique, despite what anyone might think or say. Keep working hard for your goals, for you always achieve them. You make us proud. And we are blessed to be your parents.

Happy 6th Gotcha Day to all the families that accompanied us on this journey, and became parents to the beautiful Chinese girls we now call daughters. Give them all a huge hug from us!

Life with Kerri is the best surprise, eber.