What we did Wednesday.

Yesterday Kerri and I headed to the Children's Hospital. Her psoriasis is somewhat controlled, so the specialist changed her medication and decided phototherapy was something he would not consider until she was older (due to the risk of skin cancer). We apparently are doing all the right things, so we will continue with her skin care regiment and look forward to the Spring.

We also started a new asthma medication, so I had to send a warning to Kerri's teacher to be aware of any potential side effects. I highlighted them all on the pharmacy printout and sent it to school. The moms at the school bus stop had a laugh, saying the poor teacher was going to be watching Kerri like a hawk today. I did notice the medication made her more hyper. But we are used to hyper with Kerri, so that's nothing we cannot deal with.

Kerri now has two loose teeth again. She still has the loose shark tooth on the bottom, and now one of her top front teeth is wiggling. She complained that it hurt. She is growing up so fast!

Kerri is also making strides in Kung Fu. She is learning new hand forms and steps. And she is excited about the Chinese New Year Party her school is throwing in a few weeks. New kids keep joining the school too, and I have a feeling her class will be split up soon since they are outgrowing the space. She absolutely loves that school and her Kung Fu "family". And she gets a kick that she is the eldest Kung Fu sister, even though the majority of students are all older than her. They have to show her respect, and she demands it too. She makes a point of bowing to each of her classmates, and they must make eye contact, salute her by name and bow back. It takes an extra ten minutes when we arrive or leave class for all the bowing to happen.

Her new trick is to do push ups on her knuckles. Ouch.

So after a full day of visiting a hospital, her favorite restaurant, and going to Kung Fu, Kerri finally went to bed tired but happy. All by herself!

Life with Kerri is active.