free at last. free at last.

of training wheels.

I had no idea how wonderful it was to have your kid ride a bike without those dang training wheels. Here's a run down of Tanner's bike-riding history (cuz you're all dying to know):

  1. got the Lightening McQueen trike at age 2 and loved it. he could cruise like i'd never seen another kid cruise
  2. the tiny spiderman bike appears at age 4. he rides it, but definitely loses interest fast and still prefers Lightening McQueen.
  3. summer of 2009, we accidentally leave Lightening McQueen in Idaho. we are still mourning that little trike. every kid that came over, loved that thing.
  4. from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2, hates riding bikes. pretty much refuses. says it's "not fun".
  5. a few days before his 6th birthday, he learns ride a bike and it's back to the good ol' days. he loves riding. begs several times a day. could ride all day and night. did i mention how much he loves riding a bike now?
At risk of sounding totally and completely cheesy, I've never experienced anything quite like watching him ride a bike for the first time by himself. Seeing him ride off down our street, practically made me tear up. It was like watching his life fast forward thru elementary school, preferring friends over Shad and I, dating, driving, going to college, going on a mission, getting married.

I know. I know.

It's not that dramatic. But at that moment it was.

I also felt so so so happy for him. He wanted it bad. And to finally see him be able to conquer that bike was awesome.

I love you bud. Can you stay 6 forever?