there's nothing like it

fresh orange juice.

shad could care less about terms like....local, organic, free-range, sustainable, farm-to-table, cage-free, hormone-free, etc.

he's just not into it.

mostly because of price.

when i even mention one of the above terms, his eye brows raise and he responds with some comment like, "it's those hippie, oregonian roots" or "you and your mom" or "you and your sisters" = )

but this fresh orange juice thing....where we pick them that morning across the street. literally a few yards from our front door.

we bring them home, juice them and drink.

he's all about this.

i like to think he is "growing". that some of my "oregonian hippie roots" are rubbing off on him.

but i'm pretty sure i know the real reason he's so into it.

it's free.