Baby it's cold outside!

Today we were at the bus stop, as usual, ten minutes early. It was -13 F, which is pretty cold. And the school bus never showed up. About two phone calls and 40 minutes later, we were all numb and freezing, and still no news about the bus. So hubby skipped his ride to work and got the Mama Mobile ready to transport a full load of kids to school.

After the children were safely escorted to school, hubby returned and I gave him a ride to work since he was going to be late and had missed his own bus. And then I promptly went back to school to pick up Kerri, who had a doctor appointment.

Kerri is now 45 inches tall. We did not weigh her because of all the winter gear she was wearing. The pulmonologist decided to change Kerri's asthma medication to see if we can control her a bit better. But overall, we are both content that Kerri has avoided any emergency room visits, and has been able to remain active in Kung Fu without any major asthma attacks. Kerri's asthma seems to be aggravated by the cold, and is worse at night. And the last few days have been the coldest yet. The doctor will follow up with us again in April, unless Kerri's asthma worsens.

We are going to spend the rest of the day indoors today. Kerri is playing with her balloons. Pookie is hiding from them, because he is scared of balloons (Kerri popped a balloon when he was a puppy and he has never forgotten it). And I am still thawing out from this morning. Baby, it's cold outside!

Life with Kerri is a breath of fresh air.