2010 wrap-up and 2011 resolutions

  • We had Elle. What a joy that little girl is. She is such a happy baby. I love her to pieces and I'm her favorite still, which I love.
  • My sister Amy found out that her cancer is gone. The doctor gave her the okay last week to get pregnant. She has 3 months to try and then she can't try again for another year (b/c she'll have to get another cat scan next year....which you can't do while pregnant). So pray she'll get pregnant!
  • My sister Rebecca moved to California. We always dreamed that someday we'd live by each other, but never actually thought it'd happen. It happened and I love it.
  • Tanner successfully entered kindergarten. Which was a huge accomplishment considering he wouldn't even go to preschool or primary 6 months earlier. He loves school and informed Shad and I a couple of weeks ago, that "school is WAY more fun than Disneyland". I hope he always loves school. (I can be hopeful, can't I?)
  • Kate has been less than happy all year. I don't know what to do with that girl. She screams and cries all day long. Yells and glares. Hits and demands. Nothing is ever good enough. Today after I put her in time-out she screamed through the door, "You are ugly!!! You are the ugliest!!!!" I'm hoping age 4 will be a better one for her, which begins in 2 weeks.
  • Shad met a goal at work that he's had since he started in the business. It's a big deal and I'm incredibly proud of him.
  • We put our home up for sale and put an offer in on another house. The offer has been in for 5 months (it's a short-sale) and we are crossing our fingers for contracts next week. We'll see. It's a beautiful home.....with a yard and a craft room and play room and a nice big space for guests. I can have a garden and Shad promised chickens. I can have chickens in my backyard. That was the deal. I'd move again if he'd give in on the chickens.
  • We became an Apple family. Switched from our PC to an iMac. Switched from my disposable cell to an iPhone and switched out our Roku box for an Apple tv. And Shad got an iPad for Christmas. I don't see us going back.
  • It was a year of skirts for Kate. Meaning, that's about all she'll wear. She wears them to the park, to Disneyland, to play in the sandbox, to ride her bike, and to bed. She won't wear pajamas anymore...only a skirt and tank top. And if she gets cold, which is incredibly rare, she might put on leggings underneath her skirt. (she did where pj's for Christmas morning after some major begging from me...I wanted her to have them on for pictures)
  • Kate learned how to swim. She can swim the length of our pool. She can jump in the deep end and swim to the edge.
  • We got a golf cart. Have I mentioned this? Shad takes it to work in the summer when it's too hot, we cruise to pick up groceries at the store, pick up a pizza, our just cruise. Shad even used it to help the kids fly a kite once. It wasn't windy enough so Tanner held onto it from the back of the golf cart and Shad gunned it. We use it WAY more than we use Shad's car.
  • I got my dream calling at church. I'm a Relief Society teacher. That means I teach the women a lesson once a month. I absolutely love it. It means I'm forced to study more in depth, get to know the sisters in my ward better and Shad has to take Elle to class with him that Sunday. = )
  • My sister and brother-in-law were diagnosed with Lyme disease. I wrote a post about it last month
  • Started my first quilt. I'm hoping 2011 will bring "finishing my first quilt".
  • Tanner played soccer on a team, and Shad was his coach.
  • Tanner started going to Primary on his own.
  • We cut our cable.
  • Kate was potty-trained earlier in the year....so I got 8 days off of diapers before I had Elle.
  • Tanner "dead" Kate's fish.
  • Tanner lost his first tooth.
  • Shad and I put on my family's family reunion at our house.....wild and crazy and fun.
So that brings me to my 2011 Resolutions.....

I stuck with two. Anymore and it's just a bit too idealistic for me. I really want these two to stick.

  1. Shad and I are getting healthy this year. It'll be the first time in our marriage that we're doing this at the same time, together. I eat healthy and work-out on and off. Mostly off lately. Shad works out and consciously eats less food about every 4-5 years. So starting today, we're not eating treats. We're starting with a month. I tried to convince him of longer but he said, "Liz. Moderation." I'm basically....not moderate. I wish I were. It's just a really good thing I never drank, because I'd probably be a full-blown alcoholic. Anyhow, back to our goal. We're not eating treats for a month and after that, we will reassess and make a new goal. Shad's going to start working out 3x a week and I will go to the gym everyday after I drop Tanner off at kindergarten.
  2. I'm going look at the positive in other people. Meaning no more gossiping. At all. I'm done. I'm finished. I don't see myself as a big gossip, but it's very easy for me to tell Shad or my sisters or a few close friends, everything on my mind....good and bad. Which often times, turns out to be gossip. I justify it by saying it's just "venting" or "I'm not gossiping, I'd say this right in front of them." But honestly, it's gossiping. And then I feel like crap and tell myself that I won't do it ever again, yada, yada, yada. But I'm done now. No more.
That's it for my resolutions.

Happy New Year!