Ringing In

We had a lovely stay at a 100 year old historic hotel in a tiny farming town way, way out in the middle of nowhere.

One hundred  years ago the guests at the hotel came in on a train.

For the New Year's Eve celebration the hotel's 18 rooms were full. The evening began with  appetizers served on all three floors of the hotel so guests could tour the building and mingle.

The four course dinner was served in the dining room where many guests have dined over the last one hundred years.

The evening's menu was designed around a 1911 theme and started with an apple and chestnut soup followed by a course of shrimp and crab cocktail.

Just before the main course we played a 1911 trivia game. (Who was the U.S. president in 1911?)

The pork tenderloin entree was the tenderest pork I've ever eaten. My favorite course was dessert (surprise!)...

....which was a delicate and delicious roasted pear crepe with caramel cream anglaise.

It was lovely to spend nearly three hours at dinner- a European style meal with leisurely time to enjoy every bite while conversing with our table mates.

Dinner was followed by an hour of story telling (inspired by the NPR radio program The Moth).
Mr. Dirtywrench took a turn at the microphone to relate a true event from his family history.

At midnight we were treated to delectable hand-made truffles. How could we eat another bite?

It was quite a memorable New Year's Eve! Our thirtieth as a married couple.

Happy New Year!