Groom's Cake

Being a lifelong Yankee, I had never heard of a groom's cake until I saw the movie Steel Magnolias and tried to understand the significance of a cake shaped like an armadillo for a wedding. I still didn't really get it. The first time I had a request from a client (from Tennessee) for a groom's cake, I had the actual concept of the extra cake explained to me. I know in certain areas of the country a wedding without a groom's cake is like Christmas without candy canes, but not in the Yankee states.

This week I tackled a difficult concept for a cake to honor a groom who likes to surf on the Oregon coast. Surfers on our coast have to wear a full wet suit in the cold waters.

The bride said, If I'm sitting on the beach, be sure and give me a book!

I used sugar to give the sand texture and added their initials.

Fondant cakes are not my specialty and I have never, ever sculpted people figures before so it was a challenge to make this cake. Underneath all that fondant is a moist fudge cake with chocolate icing. Shells around the bottom edge finished the ocean theme. I am pleased with the results!